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I need inexpensive art for Verge. Ideally, the rulebook will have a quarter page of art every 4 pages. For a 64-page book, that's 16 pieces of art. Each piece must be black & white ink or grayscale. That is, it must reproduce nicely when printed on a laser printer. I am looking for high quality, professional-level art.

If you want to help me, please email me at adam @ legendary . org. Make your subject something obvious so it's less apt to get eaten by my automatic spam filters (which are fairly stupid).

I've been working with two fantastic artists, Nate Bolt and Lee Cherolis. They've been putting their work up on Nate's web forum.


I'm looking for a few types of art. All of it should have a lot of attitude. Emotionally dark is fine, but no nudes or over-the-top graphic violence. I generally don't want the art to be funny but sarcastic or ironic might be okay.

Here are some examples of some pieces I like:

Yeah, most of the pieces are color and wouldn't work in my for-laser-printer game. Yeah, that sucks. I can't help that. But those are good models of art that I feel captures the mood of Verge.


I'd like to see a variety of cyberpunk characters. While stills are nice, I'd much prefer "action" shots. I want to see characters doing something, especially if it isn't killing people or blowing things up (though one or two of those is fine). I want to see characters in an urban setting, making deals, running from danger, sneaking into buildings, hacking computers, designing gadgets, playing guitars, getting tattoos, and so on. I want to see relationships. The game is about relationships. See the Verge character generation section for ideas.

Urban Sprawl

I'd like a few pictures of large cities — preferably fictional cities that no one will recognize as NYC or LA or Tokyo. Larger-than-life buildings, flying cars, arcologies... you know, cyberpunk stuff.


I'd love a picture of a cybernetic arm opened up. Show the guts of the thing. Or a cyberdeck jacked into a brain. That kind of thing.

The Matrix

Cyberpunk needs virtual reality! I need at least one good picture of what the Matrix/cyberspace might look like. And it has to really pop. In black & white or grayscale. Yeah, I know.


I can pay for some art, but I'd just adore you if you did it for free. In any case, the game is gonna rock and people are gonna to buy it and other designers will see your art in it and come knocking on your door for commissions. You might get lucky and end up doing cover work for some small, commercial game press like Mongoose or Fantasy Flight or Malhavoc.

Free Art

If you want to help me out, I'd appreciate it beyond all measure. I'll happily give you a free copy of the PDF game when it's all done.

Paid Art

I'm willing to pay a small amount for better quality art. I can afford about $10-25 per quarter page, depending on how many pieces I buy.

Profit Sharing

If you really believe in the game, we can split the profits. Depending on how much art you do for me, I will give you up to 30% of the profits (income after paying off all expenses) for every copy I sell if it includes your art. I don't know how many copies I will sell, but it won't be thousands. It might not even be hundreds. I might not even break even, in which case you wouldn't see a dime. If the art is good, though, it can help drive sales.

Other Arrangements

I'm not proud. I don't need to have exclusive rights to your pieces. I am happy getting electronic publishing rights and print-on-demand rights. Enough to do a PDF/POD game. I don't care if you sell the art to other people, print posters and sell them, or whatever. I'd expect a price break if you reserve some rights to the work though.

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