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If you found this page from Ross Winn's Close to the Edit column on, welcome! This page chronicles my three year slog to finish a cyberpunk role-playing game. Ross is gently hassling me to finish it already. My personal home page can be found at


Verge is a post-cyberpunk role-playing game with a conspiracy-story edge.

Players invent the setting during play by drawing a network of strangely interconnected technologies, philosophies, organizations, and people on a big piece of paper. Then they take the role of a sort of "free agent" character in that setting and struggle for control of the setting elements to accomplish their goals. This process tends to create stories about the smashing together of human frailties with ideology and technology.


Get the latest playtest revision off the (printable!) Verge Recharged page.
Revised and ready for internal playtest as of January 28, 2009.

I created a Quick Reference (two page PDF).


Call for Artists
Verge Art
Playtesters Needed!
The List of Awesome (a list of subjects for your Verge game)
Game Designer's Laboratory

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